Fully Integrated Manufacturing Facilitates Speed to Market Fully Integrated Manufacturing Facilitates Speed to Market #%SPLIT%#

TWS is a fully vertically integrated Lithium-ion battery manufacturer, with the ability to provide customers with comprehensive and professional battery solutions. TWS possess multiple electrochemical Lithium-ion battery production technologies with battery pack assembly production capacities. TWS has a high-speed SMT facility, injection molding facility with precision mold design and fabrication, and in-house machine and testing equipment. Together these facilities form a highly integrated one-stop production system that can produce in enormous quantities with quick turnaround while maintaining stability and excellent quality.

TWS utilizes this unique integrated design and manufacturing edge to provide customers with one-stop service, a complete and professional solution to meet the customer's needs from the initial product concept stage right through to the end product. This ability to undertake the entire process from design to final assembly of Lithium-ion batteries in-house gives TWS a strong competitive advantage. By understanding and having in-depth experience in the entire process, TWS is better positioned to identify and resolve technology and production related issues, thereby increasing production efficiency, as well as improving cost control, quality of product, and time to market. The essence of TWS service is high-efficiency, high-quality, and low-cost operation, reinforcing TWS’s market competitiveness and industry leadership.

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